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Their somewhere over the horizon

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After Sunnydale was destroyed, Buffy and friends move to Cleveland to the other hellmouth. The one in SD was destoyed, therefore it is inactive, but this one is still up and running. They set up a 'slayer school' where Buffy and Faith train with the girls until their watchers arrive.

Giles is in England mking plans to rebuild the Watchers Council in Cleveland, that way their closer to the slayers. Giles could be the head of the council perhaps? He is making arrangements for watchers to be sent over to Cleveland with him when he returns, to start the potentials' training.

Spike returns afer having died in 'Chosen', still with a soul. Before he returned, the Powers that Be weren't going to let him keep his soul, they were unsure about it now. But in the end, Spike explained to them how he went to get it himself and for Buffy and to be a better man. So, he got to keep it. He comes back in LA, where Angel and his gang see him. They are filled in about how he came back and everything by Spike. The Powers that Be said that he would be needed again, eventually to play a special role in the saving of the world..again. Then, Angel and hs crew, including Spike, head over to Cleveland; the new hellmouth. But little did they know, that the First has risen up from the ashes but is trapped in the crater at Sunnydale-but is realeased when an earthquake occurs there. The First cannot appear as a dead person anymore though, it can only appear in its true form. Therefore, the First uses someone else's body to move about and spy on the Slayer and her friends. So, they don't have a clue that it is back..again..well not yet that is.

The First has something even bigger planned for the end of the world. It is planning on opening a portal over the new hellmouth it is creating in LA, just as Angel and his crew left there. This portal is from a very powerful, evil spell from the ancient times' dark wiccans. The Watchers Council, after the new one is built, starts noticing strange happenings in and around LA an quickly spreading all over. Rivers running with blood; the skies getting darker earlier, almost completely blacked out towards the end; the plants and animals are quickly dying as this dark energ moves across the land. They notice that this is all seeming to originate around LA. They suspect Wolfram and Hart is is involved in this, so they call in their Liason, Lilah Morgan. This brings tension between Angel and Lilah. Are they involved after all??

The First, ever since its returned, has found an old temple that it raised from underneath the ground in the desert of California. How will the slayer and her friends find out about this?

You decide. :) The OOC is- far_away_ooc

We are rpg set in after post s7 of Buffy and after s5 of Angel. Here's the character list so far-

Buffy Summers- trueslayer26
Faith- his_firecracker

Willow Rosenburg- wickedwillow26
Tara Maclay- temptress_tara
Xander Harris- xanderharris
Anya Jenkins- OPEN
Rupert Giles- newrippergiles
Dawn Summers- dawnie_key
Spike- happymealeater
Riley Finn- agentfinn

Angel- noangelofyours
Cordelia- parting_gifts
Gunn- lostboy2lawyer
Lorne- lornegreen
Doyle- __doyle
Lilah- notquitegood
Wesley- wesley_pryce
Connor- OPEN

The First- x_the_first_x
Drusilla- grf_bad_dog
Darla- darla42

Maida- 7th_daughter
Sydney Morgan- sydney_morgan