Buffy Anne Summers (trueslayer26) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Buffy Anne Summers

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We were on our way to the hotel, and I was just sitting in my seat, almost dozing off. I kept my eyes open though, although it was pretty hard. I couldn't wait to get to my room and just sleep. I was exhausted, and I bet everyone else was too.

We stopped at a store where we all got some clothes and some necessary items for our daily use, even though the hotel would probably provide most of it.

We arrived at the hotel and I stood up from my seat with my bags in each hand. I started walking towards the exit of the bus as everyone else was doing the same. I would call Angel after we all got situated into our rooms.

I stepped out and smiled. "Wow, this looks nice." I said to whomever was listening.

(open to anyone at the hotel))
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