Maida (7th_daughter) wrote in far_away_dreams,

The airport was pretty much deserted, except for the flight crew and passengers that were on-board. I found my way to the baggage claim area, waiting a few moments watching the conveyor move slowly in a circle before the first pieces of luggage appeared on it. Finally spotting mine, reaching for the handle of one bag as it moved along on the conveyor nearer to me, snatching the handle I pulled it off then reached for my second bag, pulling it easily off the circular moving conveyor. Having collected my bags I followed the small group that had begun moving down the long corridor leading to the streets of LA.

It was easy to get a cab, even at this hour of the morning when darkness still filled the sky, daylight still being a few hours off. After the driver placed my baggage into the trunk of the cab I settled into the back seat. Willow had not given me directions to the hotel or the address so all I had was the name of the place. After telling the driver the hotel which I wished to be taken to, he seemed to know the one I mentioned, the cab pulled from the curb moving easily along the streets.

The driver finally eased the cab up to the curb outside a building which I was assuming was the Hyperion. After my things had been taken from the trunk of the cab I paid the man his fare, which he took eagerly before returning to the vehicle and taking off down the street.

Turning slowly to face the building I saw the sign which let me know I was indeed at the right hotel. Gripping the handles of my bags, one now held in each hand, I lifted them as I took that first step toward the doors of the hotel wondering if this Angel Willow mentioned was there or if I would just simply get a room for myself and wait for Willow, Rupert and the others to arrive.

(Open to any at the Hyperion. This is a couple hours after Willow and Spike's phone conversation)
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