newrippergiles (newrippergiles) wrote in far_away_dreams,

Giles returned to Buffy a short time later. "I've made arrangements. Having Willow hack into the Council bank accounts after everyone was killed is quite helpful. Lord, I'm tired. We've a floor of rooms at a nearby hotel and they're expecting the lot of us for dinner. Tomorrow we'll head for Los Angeles, stopping along the way and picking up a few odds and ends for everyone, like a change of clothes. Sound like the beginning of a plan?"

The Watcher wasn't sure what Buffy wanted once they reached LA. Did Angel still have that old hotel and did Buffy want everyone staying there? Did Angel want them staying there? What had been happening with the vampire? That was something Giles hadn't kept up on. Angel wasn't something Giles was particularly interested in unless it was absolutely necessary. Even now his hand ached when the weather turned, reminders of past broken bones and torture and death.

He'd wait until Buffy had contacted Angel. Giles could arrange a hotel temporarily until they knew how long they might be in LA. If longer than a month, he'd arrange some apartments or something.
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