Maida (7th_daughter) wrote in far_away_dreams,

A disturbing moment

The candles had been lit, blue and white ones this time, then I cast the circle around me. I had made sure I was within its borders before it had been completed so I would not need to go through the steps of having to enter it, I could just now merely sit down in its center. My legs were crossed over each other, my hands resting now, palm sides up, lightly on my knees. I let my eyes slowly drift closed while I took breaths in through my nose, exhaling through my mouth, letting my whole being begin to gradually relax.

Different scenes and images began floating through my mind's eyes, the one I decided to focus on was one where I was walking through field of wildflowers dressed in a long flowy dress. The sun shone brightly as I walked along, a wolf walking along side me, one who appeared sometimes during these meditations as a sort of guide.

I saw in the distance a woman, dark haired and dressed in all white, standing near a brook. She turned in my direction as I walked in her direction, giving me a warm smile.

"Death is coming." She said, her shape slowly fading then into the air.

That statement made me stop where I was. Everything then seemed to change. Clouds formed in the sky, casting a darkness over everything, which sent a shiver through me. Where the woman dressed in white had been was now a black smoky unrecognizable form, then a face flashed before me, that of a red headed young woman, her features blurred.

My eyes snapped open, the vision having startled me out of the trance like state I had been in. I suddenly realized I was gasping for air, my body shaking, this had been the first time anything of that sort had happened during meditation and well it terrified me, not just the vision, but the feeling I now had of impending doom.

I slowly rose to my feet, a bit unsteadily. Once the circle had been un-cast I stepped toward my bed. Taking a couple deep breathes as I lifted the receiver from the cradle, dialing the number then.

"Please answer, Willow." I whispered under my breath, there was only one red headed young woman I knew, though we had never met, Giles had spoken of her numerous times when he came to the coven in England and I had spoken with her on the phone from time to time as the forces of good and evil were gathering in Sunnydale for the final fight.

(Open to Willow)
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