Buffy Anne Summers (trueslayer26) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Buffy Anne Summers

I got off the phone with Angel and walked down the hall to where everyone was. They all needed to know what was going on, so I was going to fill them in.

When I walked in, I saw everyone sort of gather around.

"Okay..hey guys. Here's the situation right now." I paused before going on. They would not want to hear this next part at all.

"There seems to be another hellmouth forming under LA.." I stopped to look around at them for their reactions.

"Yeah, I know, thats just what you wanted to hear right? Well, looks like we'll be heading there instead of Cleveland, for now that is."

"So, if everyone's almsot done, we should head out and stay in a hotel for the night, then head to LA. Sound good?" I asked them.

((open to everyone and anyone who heard Buffy's speech))
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