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Where do I go from here?

Of course those great and wonderful Powers that be or whatever the fuck they are drop my ass off in the middle of some darkened alley. Needless to say I was relieved it was night, at least they had some sense to not drop me off in the middle of the day. That sure would have been great, what good woud I be as a hero or champion, if I was a pile of ash.

Where was Buffy? Was she ok? My heart cringed as I thought that perhaps Angel would lead me to her. Images of watching her cry on Angel's shoulder flashed through my head. Would she run to him for comfort, seeking love? Did everyone survive the battle?

Buffy had seen so much death, even her own. No one person should ever have to suffer how she has. Part of me felt like I shouldn't find her and let her carry on with her life without me. I had caused her so much pain and hurt her deeply. Perhaps it would be best if I was not part of her life. I couldn't help but wonder if the voices that sent me here were right, that I should be a champion without Buffy. I should stand up as a hero and not lean on another.

I need to focus and find Angel. Where the hell would a vampire with a soul be in sin city?
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