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Willow had gone for a walk. She thought I was asleep, but truth be told, I was sad. I couldnt figure out for the life of me, why I was back here. Why would I be brought back, if not for some important purpose? I couldn't understand it. I sighed, and snuggled down under the covers. Maybe I could sleep, and forget things for a while.

I was dreaming. This I could tell. I had a feeling that Willow needed me, but I was stuck in my dream, for now. I walked along a path, that wasn't really there. I saw a girl, with dark hair, mourning the loss of her lover. She was talking to Willow. I tried to speak to them, but couldn't, So I moved on. I saw flashes of light, and suddenly there ...it was. Laughing, demonicly evily, staring down at my loved ones. I tried to speak, but couldnt. Suddenly, it went black. I felt confused, and frightened...and then I heard a voice.
"You..." I started.
"You have no comprehension of what you are about to face. I am forming. From down under, from beneath you. And I will destroy you all"
"What are you??" I asked.
"Hell" it replied, simply.
"What do you want from me?" I cried.
"It appears that it is your voice, what you say to these people that motivates them. You, above all others, strengthen the witch. Lets see what we can do about that."

And all of a sudden, I was awake.
"What a w-weird dream..." I said.
Except I didn't.
I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I screamed, but there was nothing.

I did a quick locator spell, to find out where Willow was. She was at the coffee shop with the girl from my dream....Cordelia. I remembered now.

I grabbed my jacket, left the house, and ran until I got there.
I opened the door to the shop, and saw Willow, who immediately jumped up to greet me.

((Open to Willow, Cordy, and anyone else who might be there)

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