Faith Lehane (his_firecracker) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Faith Lehane

Slappin' the glass ontop of the counter, the nervous tender went to pour me another, but I shook my hand in dismissal. Noticin' the gash across my knuckles. Deep no doubt, and a wound tha' might need some stitches. Sweet! It'd been a long time to do this much damage to some good ol' fashion normal vamps and demons. Not those uber vamps back in Sunny D. Those were a challenge, but sometimes to keep yaself leveled, ya had to have a mix of sorts. Otherwise these guys here would never be as entertainin' as they were now.

A blonde kid with a broom looked around and then up at me. As if askin' for permission to clean the dust from the vamps up. Course I nodded and slid off the bar stool. The entire bar was a wreck. Patrons havin' gone out the back entrance. Vamps comin' at me towards the front. Idiots. Tha' had been their final destination. Well, 'side from hell tha' is.

But damn! I felt alive and enpowered. Hungry and damn well fuckin' horny. Too bad all the guys left but the pimpled face kid sweepin' and the beer belly bartender. I wasn't that horny. I was though, that hungry.

Knowin' the hotel hadn't anything to eat, I made my way to a Seven Eleven and paid for some Doritos and a can of Sprite. Finishin' it on my walk back to the hotel. Of which had been a pretty fuckin' long one if I do say so myself. Tha's only natural when ya leg had been twisted at wha' might'a been a ninety degree angle. Definite ow's. Even f'a Slayer. Ah well. Worse I had was the gash across my knuckles, bones showin' and wha' jus' might be a broken rib. I'd live though. The thing I was mainly worried 'bout were my clothes. S'not like I had any but the ones on my back. If I had to wear sommin' of Cor's...well, cheah...tha' ain't g'na happen. I rather five finger discount than wear sommin' more trashy than wha' I normally wore.

Swinging open the lobby doors, I called the first name outta impulse. Which had been, "B?" before falling to my ass on the top landing of the foyer. Is tha' wha' it was? I ono. Boss used to call entry ways foyers. Beats me why. I mean, if they hadda name already, why name it twice?

(Open to anyone inside the hotel lobby.)
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