Buffy Anne Summers (trueslayer26) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Buffy Anne Summers

I decided to leave Darla to be Giles' problem now. I did not have to deal with her now, even if she was good. I sighed, making my way back up to my room Cordy and I had found me. I grabbed my coat off from my bed and headed back downstairs, a stake in my pocket. I needed to get out and think about some things. Everyone was just sort of staying here, all cooped up. I couldn't do that anymore. Everything that has happened, I haven't really stopped and had time to think it all over. It all just happened so fast.

I came back down into the lobby and nodded at Giles as I started out the doors of the hotel. Lets hope no one misses me.

I walked out and started walking down the sidewalk. Then it hit me. I hadn't been here in so long, I sort of had no clue where I was even going. I stopped and glanced around at my surroundings.

"Okay, hotel's there." I said to myself, poiting my finger in the direction of the hotel. Then, I looked foward and noticed coincidentally a cemetary not too far up ahead. I smiled to myself as I started walking towards it. A rot iron fence was around it, and gates led the way into it. I walked up and slid through the gates and looked around. The sun was just setting and hardly anyone was out now. As it got dark, I just sat there on a tombstone and thought.

((open to Spike *g*))
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