Mr. Congeniality (lornegreen) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Mr. Congeniality

I was so nervous on the way back to LA, I had to pull over so Nia could take over driving. She told me i'd end up getting myself killed with all the careening across the highway I was doing. I guess I couldn't blame her. Well, she was already dead, but I didn't particularily want my guts sprayed halfway across the interstate.

When the familiar sights of Los Angeles came into view, I steadied myself and wrung my hands together. I was starting to get doubts about this, and I didn't know why I let Nia talk me into this. But nevertheless, I gave her directions through the city, until the towering white walls of the Hyperion came into view.

Now to be perfectly honest, I had no idea where Angel was. But I was going to assume hope he was going to be at the hotel. He certainly wouldn't be back at the firm, so I guess the Hyperion was a good place to start looking for him. And knowing him, he'd probably be there.

As Nia pulled the car over and we parked outside of the hotel, I looked over at her apprehensively. "I don't know if I can do this, Kitten," I told her. "I can't just walk back in there after I told everyone I'd never see them again."

We got out of the car and walked up to the doors of the hotel. Before going in, Nia grabbed my arm and looked me full in the face. "I know you can do this, Lorne," she told me. "You're doing the right thing." She got up in her tiptoes and kissed me. "That's for confidence," she said. "And i'll be right beside you through it all."

"Thanks," I told her, and took her hand, steeled myself, and pushed through the lobby doors.

((Open to Angel and everyone at the Hotel who wants to throw a welcome home party for the demon and his new girlfriend *snicker* ))
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