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After Cordy left me in my room, I just sat there and thought some. Mostly about my vision or prophecy I saw..oh man. So the First wasn't dead after all. Could it even be dead? I put my head into my hands, closing my eyes. Why me? Why. Why couldn't it be Faith? Well it was her too, but you know what I mean. I got up and walked over towards the window and looked out. Below were the bustling streets of L.A. I remember living here. It was nice for the time being. But now I have the First to worry about again, and keeping these girls safe, and being near my ex and the guy I had told I love you to. It was just so much. I needed like a week of mental days off. I went over and sat back down on the bed again, putting my head on the pillow and closing my eyes.

Man, I could use some more sleep, but ironically I can't sleep. I opened my eyes again, lifting myself off of the bed and walking towards the door. Wow, this place was huge. It would be easy for me to get lost. Okay, lets see. Just try to remember which way Cordelia brought me up from.

I came down a hallway and thank god, I saw the stairs. I walked down them and found myself in the lobby once again. I could hear voices from the other room, so I walked towards them, my hands in the pockets of my jacket. I was sort of cold, so I kept it on.

(( open to anyone in the lobby area...or where ever :D ))
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