Cordelia Chase (parting_gifts) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Cordelia Chase

After leaving Buffy in her room, I walked back downstairs. So the commotion had calmed down and well, people were finding empty rooms to crash in and here I was, like a stranger in my own house. I walked over to my old desk and glanecd at it. Everything was still in its casual mess that I left it in. I smiled.

I sat down in my chair and picked up a pencil, playing with it idly. I really had nothing to do, which wasn't unusual for this office. Then it started. I got a dizzy feeling that crept from the back of my head to my eyeballs. Closing my eyes, I got up out of my chair, grabbing for the edge of my desk.

"Oh .. no." I managed to mutter before I was falling. Great. So I was back, I was Cordy again, and I was one with the painful visions? Can the Powers please explain to me how that one was fair??

The pain exploded into my skull and I had to close my eyes. I left go of the desk and fell, head in my hands, trying to make the pain stop.

[Open to anyone in the lobby who cares about Cordy. Hehe]
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