Faith Lehane (his_firecracker) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Faith Lehane

When anger rises, think of the consequences. -Confucius

When anger rises, think of the consequences.

I read it somewhere when in prison. I know, me readin'? Talk 'bout a major shift in who I was. Truth be told, I ain't ever had anyone to beleive in me.

Yea, yea...same song and dance, but tha's partially why I didn't advance in anything educational. Wha' the fuck for? I mean, s'not like I really had a chance f'becomin' a doc or nothin'. Not with bein' called f'destiny of death.

And tha' quote totally sprung to mind at the way Cor jus' got under my skin. Actin' as if she knew who I was. Who B was. Who any of us were. Okay, so I said a few things, but really, she started it.

Didn't she?

Shrugging my shoulders to no one, I ran my hands along the front of my jacket. Searchin' f'my pack and lighter. I found my smokes, but the lighter. Where the fuck did I put my silver baby? Pulling out a stick, I let it slip between my lips and dangle dangerously. All the while mumblin'bout not finding my god forsaken lighter. It was a Zippo. Plain, smooth and silver. Totally gorgeous. "Jus' figures. With my luck, I dropped it down in tha' big fuckin' crater."

Tha' or maybe I dropped it in the bus?

Climbing up inside the bus, I could smell blood, dirt and fear. All three lingered in the air heavily. I hated it. Hated bein' able to smell such things. Sometimes bein' hot chicks with super powers sucked; royally.

"Yo', anyone left in here? 'Cos if so, last call f'snaggin' a room." How many rooms were there eactly? Were there enough f'us so we wouldn't have to bunk together? 'Cos seriously, I had my fill of bunkin' with someone. Did it f'wha'...three years? Cheah, no need to do it again.

(Tag anyone outside or lingering on the bus. Whee.)
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