Maida (7th_daughter) wrote in far_away_dreams,

Back at the Hyperion

Riley and I were headed back to the Hyperion after having an enjoyable breakfast at an all night diner he had found. I think I shocked him a bit with all I ordered and consumed. I was famished and the bacon, eggs, couple of slices of buttered toast, hash browns and pancakes all tasted delicious. Of course I was now quite full and a bit sleepy, of course who would'nt be after eating all I had. Don't think I have EVER eaten so much in one sitting.

"I'm going to run up to my room a moment, there is a phone call I need to make." I said to Riley as we entered the hotel. I left him in the hotel's lobby while I took the elevator up to my room.

(Open to anyone currently at the Hyperion or Buffy and her group just arriving at the Hyperion.)
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