Buffy Anne Summers (trueslayer26) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Buffy Anne Summers

the next morning..

I awoke slowly, feeling a lot more refreshed that I was yesterday. I sat up in my bed and stretched before getting up and walking over to my window. I opened the curtians, soaking up the sun. I walked back to my bed and sat down. It was too early to call Angel again. I stood up and went towards the bathroom. I would get my shower before going downstairs to see if anyone else was up.

I got out of the shower and dried my hair. It was still a bit damp but I dried most of it and curled it. It turned out real cute. I got dressed and walked out of my room, closing the door behind me. I made my way downstairs and into the lobby. I didn't see anyone I knew, but maybe they would be down soon. I went over to the cafe, realizing I was hungry.
I got a bagel with cream cheese, a muffin, and my favorite drink in the world. Half orange, half grapefruit. I smiled as I took it all over to a corner table. I sat myself down with a paper and took a sip of my drink.

((open to anyone who wants to join Buffy or call her cellphone..?))
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