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Well, kiss my ass, I finally found you

After hitting up a number of dives, I managed to get some information about the hated vampire with a soul. I couldn't help but be amused. I mean really, here I am all souled up and ready to go. Then again I really am wondering why Angel is all broody about this soul thing. Then again Angelus, never wanted to change, and I guess that wigs out Angel now. Who really knows? I got what I wanted, well almost. It would be nice to see Buffy again and know if she was truly all right.

First things first, let the world know I am back! No reason to be shy about it just go on in and smile.

(open to Angel)
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I was going to go call Buffy when Spike stepped in.

"I thought you were dead.", I said.
"And hello to you too. Now is that anyway to welcome an old friend?" I stood there smirking at the brooding one.

I got the feeling he didn't seem all too pleased to see me here. Hey not my choice it was the big guys who had dumped me off here, but I can explain that later. Right now it was amusing to see him shocked to see me.
"You're not an old friend.", I replied."You're an annoying pain in my ass.", I added."Now since you died why and how did you get here?"
"You never were one to show some love to your family." I just smiled boldly, "Why am I here....why am I here." I paced around a bit and just turned and faced Angel, "Perhaps you are NOT the only vamped out soulful champion in town anymore."

I couldn't wait for his reaction. He wasn't so special anymore.
Maybe I missed something in all the time I was over in La La Land .. but .. I thought he died.

"You have a soul AND you're back?? Way to rain on my parade, Billy Idol." I said, a sarcastic grin on my face.
'Perhaps you are NOT the only vamped out soulful champion in town anymore.'

The statement made me stop and concentrate on the strange feeling that had accompanied him.

"The Powers giving out souls now?", I asked crossing my arms."Or did you eat a new age gypsy?"
I couldn't help but find both Cordelia's and Angel's reactions amusing and yet I was annoyed. What did Angel mean by jus tpassing out souls. Fuck that bastard, I earned this damn soul unlike him who was slammed with it as a curse.

I tried to remain composed to an extent, "Where have you been? Unlike you this isnt' some cursed, I fought for it. Anyway I was sent here to find you. I plopped down on a seat watching the two eye me carefully.
"Why did the powers send you to me?", I asked watching him sit down."What do you mean you 'fought' for a soul?"
The hotel I checked into was fairly nice. I dropped my bag of weapons and sat on the bed. Putting my elbows on my knees I put my head in my hands. Liotti had seen what I'd been denying ever since I married Sam. I still loved Buffy. I mean who could forget about her? Beautiful, color changing, eyes that would show and mask her emotions. Bright blonde hair that contrasted her sun kissed California skin. A smile that could light up my darkest days. A soul so pure yet damaged. And a heart so big she would die for those she loved.

I sighed. It was to be simple. I was supposed to come, help, then go home but I found myself wanting to stay in her presence even though I hadn't even seen her yet.

"Dammit!", I yelled. I got up, undressed and got into the shower. The warm water on my skin relieved the tension of the trip but not the thoughts of Buffy that filled my head."Stop it Finn. You love your wife, and your unborn child.", the thought of Sam with her large belly made me smile.

Right behind it came a picture of Buffy waddling around. Her small frame being distorted, in an adorable way. I turned off the water and stepped out.

I dried and got re-dressed. I thought about the mission. First, I'd have to find Angel, Second I'd have to find a place for Buffy and the girls to stay, and Third buy it.

I slipped a knife into my boot, a stake in my back pocket, and my wallet in the other. My phone was in one of my cargo pockets on the side so I was ready to venture into the land of L.A.

I stepped out and walked to my newly rented SUV, a Hummer. Spike was right back then, you can't take the military out of the boy.

I headed for Angel's hotel. I stepped in to see Spike standing before me.

"What the hell is this?", I asked staring at the vampire.
I couldn't believe my eyes, there was Riley in living techno color. FUCK!

Swinging my arms up in the air in surrender, "Don't look at me everyone, all I know is the big guys up stairs sent my ass back down here with my soul STILL in tact, yes STILL in tact, cuz I went through some trials to get it in the first place before dieing saving this happy happy world, and now there some shit going to be going down and I am back down here to help again. So don't be gettign any crazy ideas about chaining me up or shovign some chip in my head ok? And just be askign Buffy about all of this. OK?"
"I'm not going to do anything to you.", I stated."I'll leave Angel to do that.", I added."Shut up so I can here what he's saying to her."
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"This is just wonderful.", I said."Did someone annouce a meeting of Buffy's boyfriends?", I sighed."I'm going to finally call her."

I picked up the phone and dialed Buffy.
Giles and I had got done talking and he had gone to see where the others were and how they were all doing. I was again sitting down in my waitng room seat, staring at my phone. Angel hadn't called yet. I sighed, opening and closing it over and over again.

Then, it rang. It made me jump a little bit. I stood up and opened my phone up, putting it to my ear.

"Hey Angel, thank god you called."
"I have your past 'boyfriends' standing in my hotel lobby.", I said shaking my head."Where are you anyways?"
"Ohh my..Riley's there?" I asked him, laughing too. Oh man, that must be great for Angel, having Riley there..hha.

"Well, we're still at the hospital, waiting or everyone to get checked out, but Angel, I have some news. Some good and some bad." I said to him.

"Which one do you want to hear first?"
"I got some news for you first. Spike's here.", I stated."Give me the bad news first."
When he said that Spike was there, I thought I had heard wrong.

"W-what? Spikes there? How? He died...didn't he die..?" I stared off into space, tears forming in my eyes. Spike was alive? The man I had told I love you to was alive again? I snapped out of it and turned my attention back to the phone.

"Uh, well the bad news is that a new hellmouth is forming right underneath you as we speak..not sure why or how, but I had a prophecy like thing, and it showed me LA being swallowed up in the hellmouth.." I stopped for a breather. "So, it looks like we may be coming to LA first to try and stop this, then head over to Cleveland."

I still couldn't get my mind off the fact that Spike was alive. I just couldn't believe it. I had told him I loved him, but now I'm not so sure if I really meant it. I thought I did, but now I'm so confused.
"The Powers sent him back...soul intact. Then your commando boy showed up. Oh and Cordy's awake.", I said."It's a whole bunch of fun going on here. Can't wait for you to join it."
"Oh..I see." I paused, taking this all in.

"Cordelia's awake too? Wow, me neiher." I smiled.

"But Angel, about the new hellmouth, what do you think?"
"You'll get here, we'll fight, we'll either die trying or win. Same ole same."
I sighed. "Yeah, I know. Same old same apocalypses." I smiled.

"Well, I'm going to talk to the others and see what we're doing..I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" I stood up from where I was sitting down.

"Love you." I said lastly before we hung up.
She hung up before I could respond. Was it like a friendly 'love you' or a heart felt 'love you'? I didn't know as I turned to Spike and Riley.

"She'll call me back later so I guess there isn't much for you two to do."
"Oh right cause us...", there wasn't anything in common between Spike and I."...ex boyfriend types are so incompetent.", I paused and grinned at the brooding vampire."Oh right you're one of those too aren't you?"
"Shut up before I kill you.", I stated."Spike you need anything?"


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