grf_bad_dog (grf_bad_dog) wrote in far_away_dreams,

la petite.....

Traveling down an open road I stared at what was our little home. I could smell the slayer, she wreaked all over it. This was her fault that pretty is down, sunk into the ground. I hissed as I stared closely into the crater, it was nothing but a hole in the ground now. It was a actually a shame now, such a pretty place all gone. I walked away slowly as I pouted into the moon. The stars were shinnying bright tonight, I wondered if It was because of me. They always shined brighter when I was sad.

I looked up at the sky trying to find something utterly delicious that I could eat up. I clapped my hands together before dancing, they liked that very much and I anticipated a treat. I hummed just loud enough in whisper to keep them entertained, I hadn't played with the stars in a while so they were bound to ignore me aswell.


My head quickly jerked as the stars started to disappear. I could smell the radiants of what was once Angel. I could also smell the soul that I so desperately spit on. Grandmum?, She was there standing alone in the streets of L.A. I pondered what was to happen to her then questioned the fact of all reality. They bend like a twig in the woods and yet my grandmum has survived twice.

I laughed like there was no tomorrow, grandmum back that could mean only one thing. It's time for good quality family time. I danced as I walked away, I would be there soon and Daddy won't know what hit him.
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