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I walked away from using the phone and went into the room with the nurse was waiting for me. I closed the door behind me, and she asked to see my cut in my stomach. I lifted up the bottom of my shirt to show her it. It was already half healed from my slayer strenth, but it still needed some attention.

I sat down on the chair, as she wrapped gauze around my stomach. It was just deep enough so that it didn't need stitches anymore. Just to be wrapped.

When she was done, she left me alone I sat there for a while, just thinking about everything. Sunnydale, Cleveland, my vision I had. If that was a vision. My head still felt like it was going to explode. And now I couldn't talk to Angel. Damnit. I needed to talk to him. I wanted to. I missed him, but yet I also miss Spike. I'm so confused.

I shook my head, as I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I opened it and lookedat the screen. Still no Angel. Hopefully that Gunn will give him my message. It was important. But Angel already knew...I knew that. But I still needed to talk to him about what we were doing next.

I got up and walked out of my room. Andrew was sitting in a waiting room chair, and most of the girls were already done being checked out. All that was left was Rhona, Vi and Dawn. Dawn looked pretty good. She wasn't that bad, thank god.

I went over to where Giles was standing in the waiting room.

"Hey..we should be almost ready to go soon." I said to him. Xander was there too. Willow was with Tara in one room, I could see them through their room window.

I plopped down on a chair next to Xander. Then Giles sat down.

((open to Giles and Xander or anyone else..maybe Angel calling Buffy back?? ;) ))
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