dawnie_key (dawnie_key) wrote in far_away_dreams,

It got so boring in the hotel sometimes so i decdided to go out for a walk. I walked out of my room and downn to the lobby. Giles standing there with some lady not takening much notice of her. I walked passed them on may way to the door. I told Giles i was going out for a walk as i opend the door. Not bothering waiting for a reply i walked out of the hotel.

I walked along the path looking for something to do. 'Such a big city to explore' i thought to myself as i turned a corner. About 20 minutes later i seen a girl sitting on a bench. She looked around my age i walked up to her 'hi' i said as i walked towards her. 'is this seat taken' i said standing next to the bench waiting for her reply.

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