Faith Lehane (his_firecracker) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Faith Lehane


Goddamn, if everyone isn't fuckin' as busy as bees. Or what I might guess bees are busy like. I ono, what the fuck ever. I'm jus' not up for the whole reunion and all the tree hugging hippy crap. I can certainly do without it. Not like I ever got used to the giddy feelings part of life.

Sure, I hadda go and tell people of the huge vision thing that slammed Cordy into, what looked like a walking coma for a few there, but maybe...just maybe, I'd be able to get a little handle on things.

If only I knew where the fuck to start.

S'not like I had a scoop on the inside. I was on the outside. Even here. It be more so with the way everyone was all buddy-buddy like with one another. They each had their own fuckin' cliques. Had? Nah, they still got 'um. And to be honest, I'd rather be alone.

No one to really worry 'bout but y'self.

Ugh, see tha' shit, man?! My mood shifts from one end of the spectrum to the next. I can't keep myself balanced as far as emotions and thoughts go. Guess tha's why it was easy to switch gears in the game way back when.

Taking in another drag and the last one of the cig, I walked out from the side of the hotel's alley. Flicking the last remainder of the smokes down to the ground, crushing it with the tip of my boot. I knew if I went back in there, I'd need another pack, or somethin' to keep me calm. Maybe a nice bottle of JD? Tha' could calm postal workers gone awol, down. Either way, I'd haver t'go to the store. Which is exactly where I was now headed. Not botherin' to even let anyone know where I was goin'. 'Cos yeah, hot chick with super powers here, sorta jus' helped save the end of the world...kinda don't need to check in with the babysitters club there. Besides, maybe I'd run into a few vamps tha' had scattered from Sunny D like lil' roaches and made it all the way here. 'Cos I was still itchin' f'some vamp action.

It wasn't long before I made my way down the busy and noisey boulevard to a nice crummy lil' area with trash floatin' about everywhere in all the watermain puddles and the sleazy bars at each corner of every block wer eopen. The only places open in this part of town, aside from the twenty four hour stores tha' the grocers were heavily armed. And with tha' train of thought of wantin' to relieve my itch, the Powers must've favored me f'the time being. A soft scream from inside one of the bars drew me inside. Making my way in with a not so glamourous entrance. What, with havin' fuckin' nearly tripped over the drunk that laid flat at the entry way. Drunk? Nope. Glancin' down I relized the sap was dead. Not by drinkin' himself tha' way, but the missin' head...cheah, sorta a big o'l hint tha' it wasn't natural. "Aight, so which one of you guys wanna tango first?" Across the floor from me, I spotted 'um. A group of vamps that looked out of place. They thought they had power and tha' no one could fuck with them. Yup, you betcha, Sunnydale vamps.

How'd I know? Well, easy. I remember seein' a few of them before all the shit went down. Plus, they kinda asked if I was supposed to be dead, 'long with the others tha' stayed behind in Sunnydale. "Well, see, the thing with me? I'm no good at stayin' dead. It kinda doesn't mesh well with me. Wha' can I say? I'm a fan of the breathin'. Ya should'a looked into tha' f'y'self. Y'know?" And of course, it was on. Three of them attacking at once. Most of the humans leaving in a hurry. No doubt not wantin' t'be part of this fight. Not with a Slayer and a pack of vamps. Fine by me, left all the fun t'be had be yours truely.
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