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A night with a Summers' Girl

I was begining to be greatful for the large size of the Hyperion. There were many places where I could pretty much get out of everyones way, however I was growing quite bored with myself.

The last time I had seen Buffy, I think I had lost my mind and went a bit nutty. I do believe I bloody well confused the girl.

With thoughts buzzing through my head, I stopped at the sight of Dawn, "Well, Lil' Bit didnt' expect to find you wandering around here at night. What has you all up and about at this hour?"
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'couldn't sleep' I replied as I slowly walked closer to spike 'how come your not down stairs with everyone else' I asked wondering why he was up here.

I stopped moving towards spike and stood against the wall while i waited for him to answer my question.
"Not one for being social just yet." I leaned against the wall crossing my arms, "Not everyone is pleased to see me back." I winked at Dawn with that last comment, remember how Riley and Angel both "greeted" me.
'i would've thought buffy would be happy to see you' i said as i moved over to stand next to him 'considering last time you to were together you were all over each other'
I tried not to cringe at the mention of Buffy. "Happy, awkward and all sorts of .......... oh bullocks,lil' Bit. It jsut is confusing." Pulling out a smoke and lighting it, " And how are you adjusting to the City of Angels."
'just fine shopping malls and all what more could a girl need' i said as i took a few steps back to avoid the smoke 'and i would'nt call it the city of angels cause there aint to many of those around'
Blowing the smoke over my shoulder to avoid Dawn, "Sorry, Dawn, didn't mean to get it in your face."

Looking down at her a bit more seriously, "So you don't have any questiosn about why the bloody hell I am alive again and back, or did your sis try to fill ya in?"
'thats ok' i said takin a couple more steps backwards

'actually nobody's told me why your back i never realy botherd to ask' i said as i leaned agaist the wall 'so why are you back'
Shrugging a bit and gettign a bit more comfortable against the wall, "Not sure if nayone really knows." I grumbled under my breathe lettign the smoke billow over my head, "I am suppose to be the big guys up there's champion or some shit."
'i though angel was the champion' i said confussed about what was going on in this crazy world.
"Well, lil' bit so is your sister a champion. In a way so are you." I smiled at her, "I was brought back to life and sent back here to help for one reason or another, I just don't know why yet."

Nor did I really care at the moment. I did my best to put a smile on my face, though inside I still was angry at what the Powers the Be had done to me.
i smiled with thought of me being a champion 'so if you were sent back to help then why arnt you out on patrol' i ask out of curioustity.
I wanted to say, that if I was going to go patroling it woudl be for the nearest bars around this joint, but I just looked at her, "Never was one much for patroling."
'so you were just in it for the kill then' i said as i stood there lookin at him waiting for him to answer.
I just looked at her confused and raised an eyebrow, "Now, comeon, I thought you knew me better then that."
'maybe i do whats it matter anyway' i said standing there i needed to get out of the hotel and go somewhere.
Sensing somethign wrong and wanting a good strong drink myself I put out the smoke, "Well lil' Bit if ya see your sister, tell her, I wanted to see her. Ok?"

I started to head down the walk way.
'where are you goin' i said hoping he would invite me a long so that i could get out of this place.
"No where you can go, or that Buffy wouldn't have my ass for taking you." I winked at her, hoping she wouldn't be too hurt. "Perhaps another night we can go hang out."
'another night then' i said as he walked away i just stood there for a little bit longer and then went back to my room to go back to sleep.