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Giles settled into a room, not really caring what the room was like. As long as it had a half-way decent bed, he'd manage. He had been quiet during the chaos of their arrival, mostly to give Buffy space to deal with Angel and her conflicting emotions. Although that wasn't anything new, was it?

The Watcher sat down and pulled out his journal, one of the few things he had saved from Sunnydale.

We've arrived in Los Angeles and at the hotel Angel keeps as a huge office and living quarters. I must say that I'm not happy to be here but that could probably be said for every place on this planet, even England.

We now have all these Slayers and one Watcher. There are a handful of field researchers that weren't killed but they aren't field Watchers. I trained and guided Buffy for six, no seven years. Half my life dedicated to Watching. Now I've a large number of Slayers. Am I too tired for this?

I miss Jenny and the missed opportunities. I know that I still would have been Buffy's Watcher and continued this path but it would have been easier with someone beside me.

Giles closed his journal with a sigh. It was time to become the Watcher again. He placed the journal in his locking case and walked downstairs.

(Tag anyone in the lobby)
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