Mr. Congeniality (lornegreen) wrote in far_away_dreams,
Mr. Congeniality

I almost decided not to come into the club tonight. I'd had a bad week with the stress of trying to keep things going around here, and my patience was (as per my normal these days) wearing a little thin. A full scale nightclub was by far much harder to maintain than Caritas, which was an extremely small scale bar compared to this place. I was lucky I at least had a little help. My business partner had a lot of experience with establishments of this magnitude, so at least I wasn't out there floundering by myself. I was thankful for that.

However, as the week had gone by, I found I was becoming more and more anxious for Friday; Nia would make her return to the club and I would see her again. It'd been almost a week since I met her, and already I had spent the days inbetween wondering if there would be the slight chance I would see her before she was due to come back. But as the days slipped by, I knew the chances of that were pretty slim. It was another reason why I didn't feel like showing up to work.

So when I arrived at the club, I arrived late, and saw things were already in motion. It was Wednesday night, and that meant we had a DJ come in to spin some tracks. That techno stuff I didn't much care for. But the vampire crowd seemed to dig it.

I took my usual booth up at the back and ordered my Seabreeze. I watched the people on the dancefloor gyrate, and flow with the music. Their arms waving, their bodies moving; I could remember a time when I would have been out there with them. I sighed and finished the last of my drink, and then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of milky white skin and raven black hair.

I had been so caught up in brooding that I had failed to notice Nia had entered the club. She took to the dancefloor like a pro, and I watched as she tore it up, completely in her element. I smiled inspite of myself, as I watched her jump up and down, her Bettie Page hair tousled about.

The waitress had come along again to refill my drink, but I waved her away. Instead, I stood up after having watched Nia dance for awhile, and walked toward the dancefloor, hoping I could catch her inbetween songs.

((Open to the lovely Nia))
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